About the 2025 Club Ambassador Program

The Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Inc. presents “On The Road With Rotary” the theme for our 2025 Float.

Any Rotary Club contributing $500, can become a Club Float Ambassador upon request. The club should advocate for support (monetary/volunteer) for the 2025 Float. If support materials are needed, they will be supplied upon timely request.

In exchange for their donation, they will receive the following:

  • A personalized RRPFC banner
  • A patch of the 2025 Float
  • The annual theme pin for the 2025 Float
  • An official RRPFC hat in blue or yellow
  • A drawing ticket to be a rider on the 2025 Float which is exclusive to Ambassadors only. This drawing will be held October 12, 2024

If you would additional information on the Club Ambassador program contact Wade Nomura at wade@wadenomura.com

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About the 2025 Multi District Alliance Program

The Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Inc. presents “On The Road With Rotary” the theme for our 2025 Float.

The Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee has been in existence since 1978. We placed a Float in the 1980 Rose Parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of Rotary and have placed a float in every parade since!

We would like to participate in your PETS training and are reaching out to start that process.

First Level: The most basic thing we’d like to do is provide literature that could be placed in goodie bags that the Presidents receive at PETS. The Committee will provide the materials at no cost to PETS. We do need to know where to send the materials, how many you need, and ask that someone be available to place the materials in the bags.

2. We often place an ad in any printed publications that may be related to your PETS. Please let us know how to do that.

Stepping up a bit!

3. We’d like to have a table to display some promotional materials. If your PETS has a vendor area or house of friendship that is what we are looking for. The Committee has some limited funding available for this, if possible, we’d like to ask for a complimentary table.

4. The Committee has a network of National Advisors spread across the U.S. and Canada, it could be possible to have a representative from the Committee attend your PETS and be available to man the table. We have found this to be very effective in helping to garner interest in promoting Rotary with an annual Float in the Rose Parade.

5. Some PETS have had a float committee video played at a session. Let us know if that may be possible and/or have a short announcement of support from your committee.

6. We could be available to participate in training sessions about PR and how the far-reaching viewership of the Rose Parade could be used by clubs as a promotional tool. When we do this – its a quick presentation, a minute or two. This can be effective as well in a presentation at a district wide session.