Viewing the Float Decoration

The float is decorated at the Phoenix Decorating Company located 14.5 miles east of Pasadena in the City of Irwindale. All float construction and decoration takes place at this state of the art 110,000 square foot facility-(2.5 acres), This site, Rose Float Plaza South was designed by Phoenix Decorating Company and the Tournament of Roses to become a one stop destination for public viewing of float decoration and all things Rose Parade.

If you would like to help decorate the float check the Decorator Signups page.


Viewing the Parade

In Person on the Parade Route

See the Tournament of Roses Parade Tickets Web Page for information about viewing the parade in grandstands as well as curb site viewing on a first come, first serve basis.

Reserved seating on the parade route: Sharp Seating Company 626-795-4171

Visiting Pasadena; hotel information: Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau 800-307-7977 or 626-795-9311.

Television Coverage

The Rose Parade is broadcast in the United States and Internationally. Information about broadcasts is on the Tournament of Roses website:

List of Broadcasters

Viewing the Float After the Parade

The float can be viewed after the parade on January 2nd and on the 3rd in the post parade viewing area. See the Tournament of Roses Post Parade website for information.