Place a Personal Message on the Next Float!

Front of Post Card

This personalized message will be on a postcard that will actually ride on the float and then be sent to you or a person of your choosing immediately following The Rose Parade. Your message can celebrate a birth, a wedding…really anything.

Be a part of the next Rose Parade. For a US $25.00 donation to the Float Committee you will have your message on the float and get (or give) an utterly unique souvenir to be cherished for years to come. You will be helping to support this forty plus year tradition.

It’s really quite easy – text RIDE to (626) 346-8013 to get started – that’s it!

After we receive your text, you will get an e-mail with instructions on providing the recipient’s address and your personal message. These will them be placed on the Float and be mailed directly to that special person after the postcard takes it’s historic ride down the parade route.


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